Thursday, December 7, 2017

212. Nasty world

The baddies are sitting comfortably on comfy sofas

211. Two ways

There is either of two ways always available for everyone.
To run after dead money, become rich, get satisfaction of all, the money can provide and suffer the pains of absence of emotions and feelings that cannot be obtained by money.
To give priority to emotions and feelings and not consider 'dead money' as important factor ...... suffer the pains and lack of freedom because of absence of things that money can provide.

210. Warning

Every individual has works in life, fate has given.
Whosoever interferes or about to interfere with the works of that individual, he / she will be punished after bad omens. If the interference is consistent or unavoidable, the interfering person will meet death. It will not matter whether it is an ant or any kind of human.
The above mentioned is correct only for the fate of certain individuals whose works can influence large number of people.
The fate and importance of a goat, cow, superman and buddha are different
If an individual does not do the works fate has given, fate finds no reason to keep the person living.

209. good only for their children

Father / mother god like for their children. Same parents are incorrigible for other individuals of society.
For example: they will spend five hundred currency notes to buy an expensive chocolate box for their kids but they wont give away 100 currency notes extra in monthly salary for their worker.

208. The "being good" problem

These days, it is extremely difficult for good persons to maintain their good nature. Baddies are too many in number causing interference. Fighting with them generates a combat like feeling within which dilutes / spoils the good nature

207. they preserve their nature

The dogs are more stable, loyal, friendly, grateful, trustworthy than humans.
Just give food and water, they will be so for their whole lifetime.
For the wounds the humans create, they seem to be the remedy.
They wag their tail not because you are rich/powerful/good looking etc they do because they like you.
They don't try to destroy you with "radiation" of jealousy, back stabbing, hatred etc.
When the human qualities are deteriorating at pathetic pace, the dogs have managed to retain their loyalty, gratitude and friendliness.
but keeping a dog in home has problems too.
sometimes, they will bite you

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

206. Please don't cry

Crying or weeping because of emotions and feelings will become an awkward activity.
It may even become illegal

205. Mournings

When a friend or relative died
19th century: People gathered in hundreds with serious depressions, uncontrollable agony, wept bitterly and mourned the death for weeks. Some people suffered "beyond economical repair" psychological damages.
20th century:  People gathered in hundreds and mourned the death for days.
21st century:  People gathered in dozens and mourned the death for 2 or 3 days.
22nd century:  People gathered in hundreds, smiled and talked merrily. The excuse will be: he / she went to heaven, let us celebrate.
The human emotions are slowly slowly becoming a desert

204. What arises within

Somebody runs faster than you
Do not be jealous of him / her
If you become jealous, you will feel the devil within you
If you consider him / her a hero, you can feel the "hero" within you

203. Sad development

The mind oriented are becoming satanic

202. The "extreme" comfort danger

Second half of  21st century
People will become lazy even to open doors - home doors, refrigerator doors, car doors, gates.
A disadvantage the industrial revolution will be causing.

Friday, December 1, 2017

201. walks away

Ant challenges a dinosaur to a fight
Dinosaur walks away.
A wolf challenges a fierce dog to a fight
Both fight each other

200. The number 1

The number 1
When a politician gets one vote in election, he is downgraded.
When somebody finishes first in competition, he/she is called number one and is held in high esteem by society.
When someone has one currency note in bank, he/she is held in low esteem by society.
the number one
the number 1
Is it higher or lower ?
The sub conscious mind is confused.

199. God's creations - flowers, girls and women

God creates beautiful flowers
Nothing covers them up
Their beauty is enjoyed by all species around it
In short time, their beauty fades away and they meet their end
The reason why gods have made them beautiful has been fulfilled by them
Really, grass is for animals to graze, digest and get energy
What must be the use of flowers - their beauty.
God creates beautiful girls and women
They are covered by clothes
Not everyone can enjoy their beauty
In short time, their beauty fades away and they meet their end.
The contaminated, cunning, selfish, manipulating, miserable way of humans.

198. A bachelor's feeling

Fair looking girls and women have white ice cream appearance.
So the fair looking must smell and taste like white ice creams.
Black and brown looking girls and women have black and chocolate like ice cream appearance.
So the black and brown looking smell and taste like dark chocolate ice creams.

197. Evolution

Millions of years when the dinosaurs ruled the Earth
Small plants were there. To protect themselves from being eaten up, they evolved as thick plants, small trees, giant trees.
When its plant became a giant tree, it was safe from even the strongest species on earth - the dinosaurs.
A tree trunk with thickness of 2 or 3 feet.
Which animal can destroy it.
Possibly in the 18th and 19th century, man invented the hacksaw blade. Perhaps even before that.
With such blades, mankind has been crashing giant trees to the ground.
When a mass destruction of trees took place in an area to expand a road highway, one could feel that something that was present has become absent now. Processes existed on giant trees. They are not now.
They have relayed their danger to the cosmic mind to make them strong so that in future the metal cutters would not make them fall on the ground.
The cosmic mind that made them strong and safe from other species is sure to make them immune to metal cutters in about 10,000 or 20,000 years.
It is also possible that cosmic mind wont make them stronger than they are now. The majority of human race is going into a cul de sac. They will end in a matter of 1000 years at the most.
Trees will be safer after the end of human race.

196. They don't afraid *

Deers fears of lions and tigers
Plants fear of being eaten up by goats and cows
Birds fear of eagles, vultures.
For humans - always baddies are around.
There is one type on land that can be called neither living nor non living
They do not have any kind of fear.
They all live .... in forests ... amongst all species ..
the trees.

* heading : combination of words intentionally wrong.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

195. No need

A highly skillful, talented person will not worry to get a name (become popular) in society. The skill within is so abundant that there is no need to confirm that he/she is in possession of it through individuals of society.

Thank you Canada.
Your pageviews have surpassed waterbubbleatsea (day, week, monthly) pageview records.
The image files here in this post are temporary. Permanent records are maintained on page "Pageviews by Countries". The link is present at the bottom of blogspot page.
PAGEVIEWS LIKE YOURS AND OTHER COUNTRIES GIVE THIS SMALL MAN SOME DRIVE. Though nobody listens. At least, somebody reads ....
This is the beginning of a huge wave that is about to influence western hemisphere. I always felt, it would be United States but seems Canada also will come under influence.

50 pageviews in one day

85 pageviews in one week

104 pageviews in one month


Sometimes, a problem comes near your life but does not enter. It goes away on its own

193. Looking down

On a very high mountain, looking down
Human beings are walking on land just like ants do.
Like mosquitoes fly in air, humans walk on land

192. very salty

The sea waters are salty everywhere.
Human beings are incorrigible everywhere

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Pageviews by countries. June 2016. July, Aug, Oct 2017

October 2017. Canada 54 pageviews

United States and Canada 73 + 50 pageviews in 1 month. July 22 - Aug 20, 2017

Germany 50 page views in one week. June 2016

Success through hardwork

191. Death is rest.

Imagine a life without sleep, without rest.
Try to remain awake without sleeping for 3 days.
Same is the case for lives without death.
Death is rest for one life before another.
For this, you must believe in lives after deaths.

190. Natural phenomenon.

As the external world demands money for almost all of the things - it is natural that people are money minded.

189. Not you

A girl marries you - a rich young man.
She did not marry you. Only the money.
A girl marries you - a powerful young man.
She married the power - not you.
The girl did not like bald headed man. You are not bald - you have good amount of dense hair.
She married the hair.
The girl married you - a very educated person
She married the education - not you.
She married you because you work in a No:1 company.
She married the company - not you.
Not you, she marries but other factors.
She who marries you, is your wife.

188. Small heaven or hell

If you have lot of money, society will become a small heaven for you.
Most will like you. You will like them.
If you have very less money, you will know the utter selfishness of the society - how cruel it is.
Go to a restaurant, eat in full. Then after say that your pocket is empty. See what happens to you.
The same society can be a small heaven or hell for you.
Know well that the small heaven that comes to you because of money is worthless and harmful.

187. What they want

Most of the teenage boys are not interested in minds of girls.
They are interested only in their physical charm and pleasure.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

186 Great people

When small people behave like big people, the big people humbly and politely behave like small people

Saturday, May 30, 2015

185 The great bad people

There are many types of people
Good, bad, worst
The level of good energy condition, bad energy condition, violent energy, negative energy etc determines their nature.
A person will be good, if his/her energy condition is good
A person will be bad, if his/her energy condition is bad
Their behaviour with other people is just the venting of the energy which is inside them.
It is not a great thing, if a person behaves good with other people if his/her energy condition is good. It is nothing.
There exists one category of people in every country, their internal energy condition is in the state of a harmful a turmoil. Their every minute of life is a suffering. Their energy condition is bad and worst inside. They are "inside" bad people. Too much of negative energy, violent energy circulating inside them.
They do not vent out. If their energy is transferred to the so called good people, they will become extreme sadists, murderers and have their own genuine reasons for being so.
But this category of people do not harm other people. They dont cause discomfort to others.
They are the bad people
They are the greatest

Monday, May 11, 2015

184 Ancient philosophers are not relevant these days

The ancient philosophers and their findings are not relevant anymore these days. Reading them and following their concepts will only create anxiety and tension. They lived in a period when " industrial revolution " did not happen. In the 18th century, it seems that it took months for a message to be sent by British Navy on Indian waters to Britain. Somebody must physically go to Britain rowing a boat or something and thenafter must come back again to tell the reply. The process took months. Such stress and anxiety exist no more. These days, over cellphones, communication can be done both sides instantly in seconds. The ancient philosophers and their findings date back to near stone age. The mind has changed. The body has changed. About 300 years back, every work was done by human muscles. These days everything is done by machines. The human body has become weaker in strength. The mind has become stronger. The energy dynamics have changed a lot. They are not the same when those stone age philosophers were talking about. The period in which they lived had no mechanical transport, no wireless communication. There were lot of stress which have been eased by modern scientific methods. The women do not cook like they did before. They use mixers, grinders, refrigerators etc.
The old age philosophers observations were correct for people belonging to their age only. Talking about them and praising them is just like praising and observing the ways of a bullock cart instead of a Boeing 747 aeroplane.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

183 very fast can make it very slow or dead

A car with planned journey of about 600 kms travels at a very high speed of 300 kmph. It meets with an accident in traffic (it rammed into a truck). The car must be left in workshop, its occupants must be hospitalized. Thenafter the occupants must come out of the hospital and the car be taken out from workshop. Thenafterwards continue the journey.
Another car travels at a reduced speed of 120 kmph and reaches the destination in just 6 hours.
These days, the entire human race is making progress at alarming speeds that they are and they will be meeting with lot of accidents. In just 100 years, lot of forests have been replaced by cities. Thousands of years of walking habit has been immediately replaced by moving on motorcycles, buses, trains and aeroplanes. The mind has started to absorb maximum energy released by food. The entire balance has become upset tremendously.
Sometimes a car moving at 300 kmph and meeting with accident cause death of all occupants inside. The car also will suffer " beyond economical repair damage "
The human race must reduce its speed or else there will not be any human race on Earth

182 plants and boys

There are 30 plants in a garden
They all will grow on their own
The wonderful way of God
30 students in a classroom
Nobody will be at peace
Somebody is fair - jealousy
Somebody is dark - hatred, insult
Somebody is topper - anger, jealousy
I am short. I am inferior
I am poor. I am not worth
The miserable way of humans

181 Ego and Scorpion

Having ego in your mind is just like having scorpion on your hand
They wont let you live in peace
All the time, they will make you uncomfortable

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

180 new disease on earth by new creatures

The ego is a social disease
which is created and which exists only amongst humans
The cows and birds live without them
The way of God
The rainbow does not appear egoistic
The rainfall does not appear egoistic
The lightning and thunderstorms dont have ego
They are only existential
It is a new disease because the Earth is billions of years old
Humans are just bubbles which will go pop anytime

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

179 Lions and gold fishes

Ego makes one look like a lion or tiger
but ego is harmful for oneself and others
Egolessness makes one look like a plant or gold fish

Friday, February 27, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

177 A "not classified" disease

There are 2 types of diseases
Physical body diseases and Mind body diseases
A detrimental disease has not been classified yet anywhere in the world
It has and is affecting majority of humans throughout the world
Physical body diseases last for one week at the most
But this one exists and keeps generating for hours every day
It is impossible for humans to exist without this disease
The disease of words
Words everywhere

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pageviews by Countries

Page views by Countries at the end of 17th month. Total page views 2315. The United States collective people have a quality. They have open mind. It seems they are not confined to restrictions. They absorb everything. There has been 869 page views by US which is located at other part of Earth's hemisphere. It is in fact definitely more than thrice the page views of India because whenever I edit and check my blog for correctness or appearance, the Indian page views increase. That is how the Indian page views have crossed 900+
Click on image to maximize it and then click back arrow button on top of browser to continue reading

Take a look at the monthly pageviews. The US views are 6 times more than any country

Lot of French reads this month

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

176 Where all humans are going ???

A sparrow's life is very simple. All is needs for its life is few grains to eat. That's all. It is so simple.
If humans do not kill other species before they all die, the other species will live well. If they do not pollute air, water and land, the other species will not die. Humans are going to kill all other species first and then after kill themselves or get killed because of the things they have invented. The mind is absorbing more and more food energy and is making life more and more complex with every passing decade. If the released food energy is 1500 calories, 1300 calories will be consumed by the mind alone. Everything has a tendency to increase its domination. It is possible that in far future, the heart and the lungs will not have sufficient energy to work because all of the released energy is consumed by brain and mind itself.
The mind has started absorbing most of the energy and keeps deceiving everyone with false feelings and false hopes. Almost everybody is getting into traps from which they will never come out.
All over the world, collective people are on slow suicide vehicle. They know that smoking will kill and drinking liquor will kill. If they kill, why are people smoking and drinking. They all subconsciously want to die but not today or tommorow. They kill themselves slowly. They do not want to die. At the same time, they do not want to live also. So they choose the option not to die and not to live longer.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

175 Way to inner world

Like people
Do not like people
Make them nothing
Zero the society influence
Now you are on the path to the internal world with less resistance

Friday, October 10, 2014

174 Different point of view

Make persons angry
Help them release out their anger pressure
But make sure you do not make boxers or kung fu fighers angry

Sunday, September 28, 2014

173 Way for well being

Do not hate anybody or anything
Ignore them
If you hate, you spoil your health
Observe the condition of your body when you hate
Be well

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

172 Living because of eating

If humans do not eat meat of chicken or goat
Nobody will grow them
They all will become endangered species
Those who eat them make them live on Earth

Sunday, August 31, 2014

171 both have influence upon each other

Physical body and brain body have influence upon each other.
When the physical body is ill, one cannot undertake mind work properly.
When a mother hears the news that her son who went on a bike met with an accident, she will fall unconscious. The information only goes to the brain but the physical body becomes completely affected too.
If you keep your mind free of worries, your physical body will be well
If you keep your physical body healthy, your brain body will work better
Did you get understand what is attempted to convey to you

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

170 You can choose to smile or frown

You have a friend
You both have friction and become angry
Every relationship has its good moments and bad moments
If you think of good moments you had with your friend, it will have a cooling/decreasing effect on your anger
If you think of bad moments you had with your friend, it will definitely have heating/increasing effect on your anger
If you think of the many helps your friend has done to you, you will only feel grateful for your friend and feel gratitude for your friend
Both of you will become friends once again
The anger inside you will also feel happy about you

Monday, August 18, 2014

169 Only one type everywhere would become a bore

There are jasmine flowers, rose flowers, hibiscus flowers,
There are mango trees, palm trees, coconut trees...
There are Buddhist people, Hindu people, Muslim people, Christian people, Jain people, Sikh people ... so many people
A garden with only one type of flowers everywhere would become boring
A forest with only one type of trees everywhere would become boring
An acquarium with one type of fishes would be boring too
A world with only one type of religious people everywhere would become boring too

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

168 Nothing happens to it

Water is wonderful
It is water, vapor or ice
In wet lands, it is with sand as mud gets absorbed by plants or trees, evaporates and becomes cloud
Then again comes down as rain
In ice lands, it becomes ice and cold
You cannot harm it
You poke it with a knife ..... nothing happens
You cannot fire it ..... fire will extinguish
You heat it. It becomes vapor and ghost
You can always put it inside a refrigerator and say " freeze "
It will freeze
Nice fella

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

167 Introspection

It is said:  No Government can last long without a strong opposition party
Without terrorists there will likely be a high accumulation of negative energy amongst collective people. The terrorists provide access for the release/venting of the negative energy accumulated by the collective mass.
 A world without terrorists will become full of terrorists.

166 chickens inside

You can imagine lot of little chickens living and making sounds inside your ego.
 This is for your betterment.

165 The "seeing and hearing" effect

If you often keep looking and hearing the little chickens, you will become small and innocent.

Image from

164 Chicken ego

Be a chicken
Do not be a hen
Chickens are small and nice to see.
If you keep your ego like that of a chicken.
Everyone will like you.
But chickens often grow into hens.
And produce their own chickens.

163 better way

Just be a body.
Neither a somebody nor a nobody.
Nobodies have problems.
Somebodies invite problems.
Just bodies have “controllable” problems.

162 Mirages, deserts and forests

Deserts are hot, dry, humid, irritating, boring and thirstful. Lots of mirages are present
there. By the time one reaches them – they disappear.
Forests are evergreen. Birds keep singing, Waterfalls keep falling, Rivers keep flowing,
Cool air keeps breezing, Animals keep playing, Wild animals keep moving – they are very
The journey of ego in life is like the journey in a dry desert.
The journey of  “no ego” is like the journey in a cool forest. 

161 Overlook

The countries all over the world are busy preparing to fight each other with nuclear
In case, the aliens invade and attack the Earth, every country is going to scratch its
H – E – A – D – S.

160 Do not say....sir ...or ...fool

Do not respect anybody too much.
It will create pain for your individuality
The opposite person would notice the pain and that would cause him/her pain.
Do not dis-respect anybody.
It will create pain for their personality.
You will notice their pain and that would cause you pain.
Both respect and dis-respect cause pain to oneself and others.

159 freedom

You can always enjoy the freedom of the gold fishes and the whales in the vast ocean.
but people suffer like the fishes in a small aquarium. Their position is like an aquarium kept inside the ocean. If the walls of ego, jealousy, power, desire, greed and money are broken, they all can enjoy the freedom of the gold fishes and the whales

158 Radiation effect

When an individual remains in a place for a considerable length of time, where too many violent people are present, the radiation of violence from their physical bodies may or may not enter the body of the individual depending upon the physical condition of him/her. 
A person without capacity for violence will acquire the characteristic of being violent if he/she continues to remain under the radiation influence of violent individuals.
A politician will develop inclination towards becoming a buddhist monk if he remains remains under the influence of buddhist monks in a Buddhist monastry for a considerable length of time

Saturday, June 21, 2014

157 The good and the bad

We breathe in.
We breathe out.          
It is said:
We feel life as we breathe in
We feel death as we breathe out.
Positive energy is in consonance with life force in the mental body and physical body.
Negative energy is in consonance with death force in the mental body and physical body.

There are good people and bad people.

Good people are in consonance with positive energy and life force in the mental body and physical body.
Bad people are in consonance with negative energy and death force in the mental body and physical body.

Good people do good. They represent life.
Bad people do bad. They represent death.

We breathe in  We breathe out.
Life and Death.
Good people and Bad people.
Life on Earth.

156 energy dynamics - energy level increase effect

It is said :
When one breathes in
Life energy is generated
When one breathes out
Death energy is generated
Positive energy is in consonance with life energy
Negative energy is in consonance with death energy

If positive energy level is increased in the physical body in a quick manner, the death energy will take its revenge.
When it happens, an individual will suffer fear 
Or an individual may even face death

155 energy dynamics - cooling / neutralizing, increasing

We breathe in.
We breathe out.

It is said:
Breathing in is life.
Breathing out is death.
When an individual completes 30 years of life, it means he/she has moved closer to

The subconscious mind is well aware of the death force in the mental body and
physical body.

If there is negative energy in the mental body and physical body, it has a
cooling/ neutralizing effect on the fear of death force in the mental body and physical

If there is excess positive energy in the mental body and physical body, it has an
increasing effect on the fear of the death force in the mental body and physical body.
Therefore, if the positive energy level is to be increased in the mental body and physical
body, the process must be done in a slow manner.

At the same time, the fear of death force must be exercised control. If there is fear of
death, remember death is just the “switching off” of the complete physical body.

We switch On  electric bulbs.
We switch Off  electric bulbs.
Death is just the “switching off” of the physical body.

154 energy dynamics - love of life and fear of death

We breathe in.
We breathe out.

It is said:
When we breathe in, we feel life.
When we breath out, we feel death.
Positive energy makes us full of  life.
Negative energy makes us full of death.

A person who is full of positive energy will love life and fear death. Because death will
end life and its happiness.
A person who is full of negative energy will have a painful life and love death. Because
death will give relief from painful life.

153 Way of living

No person shall remain in workplace for more than 8 hours
No person shall sleep for a period less than 8 hours
Observe the cows. They all sleep for 12 hours. They are less neurotic and healthy.
When night starts - they sleep
When day starts - they wake up
Learn from the cows

Friday, June 20, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

151 Only fearful on the outside

During heavy rainfall, a structure broke away causing the flood to wash away (like a small tsunami) the thatched huts and along with them the family members of the houses too.
Two small poor children went to nearby police station and cried before police inspector not knowing the whereabouts of their mother. Their cry was pathetic. The Inspector became full of tears too it seems…
The police may appear to be bad, stern and rough on the outside
But they have a soft corner in their hearts when it comes to the safety of people
The most rough appearing individuals are sometimes the most soft natured in their hearts.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

150 Needs

All wheels have a center to move about. 
All relationships have a center to move about them – Need. 
Each and every relationship is based upon need.  
Without need there can be no relationship.
A baby need’s mother’s milk. The baby smiles at the mother.
The mother gets pleasure from the baby. The mother smiles at the baby.
Children need food, water, clothes, house, icecreams, chocolates etc. So they need parents.
The children give some kind of happiness to the parents. So parents need them.
Children smile at parents. Parents smile at children. Need is present in the background.

The boss needs work from employees. He needs them. He smiles at them.
The employees want money for their living. So they need the boss. They smile at him.
If the boss does not pay money, the smile of the employers will disappear.
If the employees do not work, the smile of the boss will disappear.

The husband wants pleasure from his wife. He needs her. He smiles at her.
The wife wants to make a living. She needs a husband. She smiles at him.
If the wife does not give pleasure to the husband, the smile of the husband will go pop.
If the husband does not give money to the wife, the smile of the wife will go pop.

The shop owners want money so they smile at the customers.
The customer wants something from the shop and so he/she smiles at the shop owner.
If the customer does not pay anything, the shop owner will become angry..

Without need, there will not be any relationship.
Why is it that nobody has relationship with a dirty and stinky beggar. Nobody smiles at a
Make sure you have something within your personality. Otherwise, people won’t need you.
They will not smile at you. They will not have relationship with you.
Love, affection, friendship, happiness, ……. and all are based upon need.

149 Absolute Power and You

There is one powerful police man. Fear of police permits him to beat up people and get away easy with it. Very few people will dare to question him if he beats up somebody. One small road accident happens. One man was responsible for it.  
Now there are two ways the powerful police man can handle the situation. 
He can go straight to the man and slap him on the face for his carelessness. Another is to go and inquire him with due respect whether he got hurt and whether he is all right. And tell him softly that in future to be careful. It is said: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. No.. That is not true. Absolute power only brings out what is within. 
Before you were powerless. You did not have power to vent out your inner emotions. Now you are powerful. You have the power to vent out your inner emotions. 
You can do anything. 
Good or Bad. 
People are watching you.